Rixals of Ixalan Legacy Impact Hopefuls

Blood Sun

Blood Sun seems to be on everyone’s radar.  Blood Moon will be more devastating to most decks, but powering out a turn 1 Blood Sun could be pretty spicy in some decks.  Solemnity didn’t have the impact I hoped it would, but I have seen people brewing with it.

Lotus Vale and Scorched Ruins have been bought up in hype of the card, but I think that’s the wrong approach.  I think some 12-post style decks could use this.  I’m looking forward to what people come up with.  There’s a list of cards that interact with Blood Sun, and I’m hoping some interesting prison decks come out of it.

I’d really like a RW Stax brew to pop up personally.

Dire Fleet Daredevil

Dire Fleet Daredevil is receiving some backlash for not having Flash, but we do have Aether Vial in Zoo, Humans, and a bunch of other decks.  It’s not good enough in burn–but imagine using your opponents Brainstorm of Ponder to find that last kill spell (it’s bad, but so tempting).

With Czech Pile and Snap Caster shenanigans, I think this card could provide a fun answer once it finds it’s place in the meta.

Angrath, the Flame Chained

Angrath, the Flame-Chained is a 5 drop, which makes it “unplayable.”  I’m going to try this card in Aggro-Loam (and maybe some other decks).  Ajani Vengeant already sees play at a 4 drop.

Angrath’s -3 is super interesting to me.  It is removal for 3 CMC or less creatures.  The ability also has a fun interaction with City of Shadows.

City of Shadows allows you to exile a creature to add mana to your mana pool.  With Angrath, you have a semi-consistent way to gain control of a creature, then with City of Shadows, remove it for good.  Not too grand of an interaction, but most creatures in Legacy are 3CMC or less, so he’s good removal, and with Knight of the Reliquary, you can tutor out City of Shadows when needed.

I really like the idea of decks that steal people’s Win-Cons, so this’ll fit nicely into some of the brews I’m working on.

See Red

Goblins really needs some love.  While this card probably isn’t the answer we need, it is an interesting one.

Deathrite Shaman is the card that “killed Goblins.”  This allows Goblin Lacket to deal with DRS, Leovold, Thalia, and a host of other cards.  Attacking with Lackey and losing him feels bad, but in most cases if you can’t swing with Lackey, he’s a dead card unless you find a Tarfire or Gempalm Incinerator.

A 3/2 First Strick Goblin Lackey sounds amazing, so hopefully this card will see some play and Goblins can be a deck people don’t laugh or cry at when they hear it mentioned.

Induced Amnesia

I want to see this in a combo deck, not sure which one.  Maybe Fluctuator + Laboratory Maniac?  Could Storm use this?  Get a bunch of card with Adnauseum, play what’s needed, then find the missing Combo Piece?

With Leovold in play, it’s a 3 drop “Exile your hand.”  If you stack the triggers properly, it’s a way to permanently remove their current hand from the game.  Imagine turn 2 Leovold, turn 3 get rid of your opponents hand.  Fun game, right?

Gruesome Fate

Not so much a Legacy card, but I wanted to mention this one for Pauper.  In Pauper Elves, we currently play Mob Justice, which deals damage.  All (or almost all) of the fog cards prevent damage and not life loss.  Gruesome Fate will be a way to help combat those decks.

Crafty Cutpurse

If Goblins came back, this would probably be a problematic card.  It’s not really a good card, but it’s a fun sounding card.

Thespian Stage copying Dark Depths?  In response to the trigger, flash this in.  Empty the Warrens?  Flash this in.  Activate Krenko?  Flash this in.

A lot of fun sounding use cases.  Probably won’t see much play except in local metas.  Notion Thief seems like a better 4-drop flash creature to run.

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