Trap Elves

With Stompy Decks, Delver, and Miracles on the rise, I figured I’d try out a build of Trap Elves. Chalice of the Void on 1 slows down Elves immensely, but it does trigger the alternate casting cost of Summoning Trap. If Miracles gets out an early Counter-Top, Summoning Trap lets you get out creatures still (hopefully). Casting your turn 1 elf into a Daze lets you get out something bigger faster (unless they also have Force of Will backup).


In match ups against Delver and Miracles, we expect Natural Order to get countered, and usually hard cast or Green Sun’s Zenith for Craterhoof Behemoth. Summoning Trap is a 6 drop, so it might be harder to hard cast, but in matches where we expect to cast Natural Order, we can hopefully expect to cast Summoning Trap. In some match-ups where Burn or Fatal Push is heavily played, and we want to Natural Order ASAP, Summoning Trap may decrease our odds of winning.

Summoning Trap is also instant speed, so we can float mana in response to a Terminus, then cast Summoning Trap at the end of their Draw step.

This is just an experiment with limited results, but I figured I’d share.

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