Hour of Devastation got me all Hyped

One of the Legacy Decks I’m really hoping comes back is Enchantress.  If you watch my stream, you’ll know that I love playing it for fun.

Hour of Devastation had many new enchantments for Enchantress to try, along with some other potential one-of’s.

I know it’s not for everyone, but we’re also getting an Invocation Choke.But let’s look at some of the new cards.


I can’t pronounce the name of this card for the life of me, but it prevents players and most permanents from gaining counters, including “Cumulative Upkeep” age counters.  Elephant Grass sticks around, Infect can’t hurt us, and it opens up a toolbox of cards that were previously unplayable (like Tornado).

A lot of people have already talked about Phyrexian Unlife, but Solitary Confinement + Enchantress is a pretty decent lock already.  The classic lock is breakable by Leovold, Emissary of Trest, and Spirit of the Labyrinth.

I don’t think Enchantress needs more of a lock, I think it needs more hate cards.  Banishing Light doesn’t stall long enough against the new BUG decks.  Cast Out is appreciated, but is worse against non-BUG decks.  Although Solemnity is still hittable by Abrupt Decay I feel like it’s worth trying.  I’m still bummed it’ll add more card dependency to the deck.

Torment of Scarabs

Torment of Scarabs seems like it could be useful if running black splash.

This one doesn’t have me as hyped, but at 4 mana, it can slow our opponent down.  It’s worse than The Abyss, but it’s one-sided.

Oketra’s Last  Mercy

This luckily isn’t life gain.

Enchantress is a slow deck, so the longer we draw out the game, the high our chances of winning.  Oketra’s Last Mercy hopefully only required us to tap 1 land and stabilize our next turn.

I’m mixed on this card as well.  Solemnity is a 3-drop that sticks around and synergies with other cards.  Oketra’s Last Mercy synergies with our mana ramp, but it helps in a situation where we’re down.  If we stabilize and establish the lock at a low life, this can help prevent a loss from Deathrite Shaman or any other non-damage life loss.

I’m really looking forward to Hour of Devastation.  People are already buying up Cumulative Upkeep cards and cards that’ll interact with Solemnity.  I’m hoping we see some new brews and answers to difficult combos.

I could see a mono-White “Good Luck Killing Me” stompy deck coming soon…

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