I really like Enchantress.  I play GWb Sigil of the Empty Throne, RiP Helm, and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn version.

Mainboard (60)
Argothian Enchantress
Doomwake Giant
Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
Green Sun’s Zenith
 Banishing Light
Elephant Grass
Enchantress’s Presence
Helm of Obedience
Leyline of Sanctity
Mirri’s Guile
Seal of Primordium
Sigil of the Empty Throne
Solitary Confinement
Sphere of Safety
Sterling Grove
Utopia Sprawl
Wild Growth
Rest in Peace
10 Forest
 Windswept Heath
Serra’s Sanctum
Sideboard (15)
Aura of Silence
Cast Out
Dueling Grounds
Engineered Plague
Karmic Justice
Leyline of the Void
Seal of Primordium


Grixis Delver

Favored.  Game 1 is slightly more difficult.  Elephant Grass or Sphere of Safety will stop most creatures.  Bring in 2 Choke.  Take out 1 Green Sun’s Zenith and a Seal of Primordium.

Elephant Grass is great in this match up.  Gurmag Angler is black.  Young Pyromancer loses the benefit of swinging wide.  Their land functions off of 6 Island/Whatever sources, so Choke almost wins you the game if it sticks.

Their main Stifle targets are Sigil or Enchantress.  We don’t have a lot of fetches, but it could be problematic leading with a fetch on the draw.


Favored.  Solitary Confinement wins you the game.  There’s no way for them to remove it.  They have to dump out their hand as fast as they can in order to win.

Bring in Worship, and take out Banishing Light.  The things we care about removing are Enchantments, so we can use Seal of Primordium instead of Banishing Light.  I used to like siding out all Green Sun’s Zenith, but Worship requires a creature to activate.  A key thing to remember is Worship does not prevent damage, so no need to worry about “damage can’t be prevented”.

Worship is also a 4 drop and gets around Eidolon of the Great Revel.  Once you get out Worship, it should be safe to get out a Solitary Confinement.  Some Burn decks are running mass untargeted removal, so Solitary Confinement will keep us alive if they get rid of our Argothian Enchantresses.

UB Reanimator

Mixed.  This match up is all about speed.  UB Reanimator is slower than RB Reanimator, so match 1 is Winnable.  Griselbrand is disabled by Elephant Grass.  Inkwell Leviathan can be problematic.  Iona, Shield of Emeria on Green can slow us down, but can be removed with Banishing Light.  On White, she shuts off Banishing Light, Solitary Confinement, Sphere of Safety, and Sterling Grove making the match a bit harder.  We have to pay for Elephant Grass and cast Emrakul.

Sideboarding, bring in 4 Leyline of the Void and Cast Out.  Take out 1 Green Sun’s Zenith, 1 Seal of Primordium, 2 Mirri’s Guile, and Doomwake Giant.

Their only removal is Echoing Truth or Tidespout Tyrant for our Enchantments, and Massacre for Argothian Enchantress.  Sticking to Forests and Serra’s Sanctum will prevent Massacre, but I wouldn’t stress out too much about it.  Starting with a Leyline will make this match much easier.  Follow up Leyline with a Sterling Grove, and we’re almost guaranteed to win.

Grave Titan and Griselbrand are shut off by Elephant Grass, and those are the only 2 creatures they can hope to cast with Leyline of the Void out.

RB Reanimator

Unfavored.  We have the same plan as the UB Reanimator match-up, but we don’t get a lot of time.  Sideboard, some of the decks splash green for Reverent Silence, which kills us.  Some splash white for Wear // Tear, which lets us have a fighting chance.

Sneak n Show

Unfavored.  Like UB Reanimator, this match up is all about speed, but Sideboarding doesn’t give us a magical win.  Our main hope is they have a slow starting hand.

Elephant Grass helps to stop Griselbrand.  If our Opponent doesn’t know the match up, Show and Tell will allow us to put in a Banishing Light.

The scariest route for us is if they hard cast Sneak Attack, and we don’t have an Elephant Grass out.

Mana Acceleration into Elephant Grass into Sphere of Safety is the best route.  Or our opponent needing to Show and Tell in his threat.

Sideboarding, bring in 1 Seal of Primordium, 1 Humility, 1 Cast Out, and 1 Choke. Take out 1 Green Sun’s Zenith, 2 Mirri’s Guiles, and Doomwake Giant.

Their only removal is again, Echoing Truth.  Sterling Grove can protect our Enchantments.  If they cast Show and Tell, the one of the exile cards is best to put it.  They hit Sneak Attack and Omniscience.  Our opponent can activate Sneak Attack in response to the ETB Trigger, but you can still choose what to target after Sneak Attack resolves.

Punishing Jund

Mixed to Favored.  Replenish, Leyline of Sanctity and Solitary Confinement shine in this match.

Hymn to Tourach can wreck our hand.  Mirri’s Guile can help filter draws to protect from Hymn.  As long as we don’t have Replenish, it can be beneficial to us (if we find replenish).  Game 1 is difficult.  They deploy threats quickly while making us discard our hand.  Liliana of the Veil can hit Argothian, and Maelstrom Pulse can hit Enchantress’s Presence.  Get out protection as fast as you can.

Sideboarding, bring in 3 Leyline of Sanctity’s, Karmic Justice, and Worship.  Take out Carpet of Flowers, Sylvan Library, 2 Enlightened Tutor, and 1 Green Sun’s Zenith.  If you want to bring in Banishing Light, take out the 2nd Green Sun’s Zenith.  Leyline of Sanctity will protect you from Hymm, Liliana (sacrificing a creature and her ultimate), Thoughtseize, and etc.  Worship and Solitary Confinement will protect from creature damage.  Karmic Justice will help against Maelstrom Pulse, Engineered Explosives and Abrupt Decay.

Some of the lists are running Goblin Rabblemaster over Tarmogoyf because it’s a faster kill.  Elephant Grass should stall for time while we setup the lock.  Starting with Leyline of Sanctity lets us not worry about too much other than the lock and protection.  Just be aware of Maelstrom Pulse if you don’t have Sterling Grove out.